Fragment of a Critique of Feminism

I found this in one of my surviving notebooks. I must have written it in February or March of 2015. I wrote when I was in college, but I did not write it for a class. It was just something that came to me during a lecture.

            Critiquing feminism is a high-risk endeavor because it opens up the critic to accusations of right-wing misogyny and/or patriarchal loyalty. While it is sometimes believed that only women are permitted to comment on the successes or shortcomings of the women’s movement, that may not be the case anymore: notice how Camille Paglia’s unorthodox perspective on feminism is condemned by most other female academics. The problem is that, because feminism is an extremely broad concept with myriad subcategories that sometimes host conflicting ideologies and agendas, it is extremely dangerous to declare all criticism of feminism incorrect. We are required to accept the entire package, including its most radical components.

            Although it is unlikely that feminists will permit criticism in the years to come, the issue is not a refusal to admit commentary. The issue is that the genders are becoming increasingly distanced, or, more accurately, that women are increasingly suspicious and distrustful of men. There is some justification for this attitude, considering the plethora of male-on-female violence perpetuated throughout the years. However, unless the genders can be reconciled, humanity will fall. Unlike other factions, such as Christians and non-Christians or blacks and whites, the genders cannot be partitioned without bringing about the end of the human race.

            I have no doubt that biology will trump politics and that the human race will continue, but if the genders cannot cooperate in any other situation, then I . . .

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