The Guardian Gushes Over Navalny and Defames Assange

If it is not too early to attempt to diagnose the Biden era, then I hereby propose that it is an epoch of shameless neoliberalism, as distinguished from the decadent neoliberalism of the past several years. The rapid reversal of purported principles is staggering and, for those of us who care about such things, revolting. Several times since Biden assumed ostensible control of the federal government, the establishment press has produced content so distasteful and nauseating that I have seriously questioned whether I can continue this work of dissecting it. On Tuesday, the twentieth of April, I asked myself this question once again, for on that day the Guardian published a defense of Alexei Navalny that was beyond melodramatic: it was downright lugubrious.

Consider the headline: “Alexei Navalny is Dying. Millions of Russians Need Him Alive”. So the Guardian declared to its international readership, thereby contributing with remarkable aggression to the artificial media frenzy, one which we have previously examined in videos and articles here at Overwritten, but usually through the lens of NBC News. We have not examined the Guardian’s efforts to apotheosize Navalny, perhaps because the moral hypocrisy is too extreme to contemplate calmly. After all, the Guardian published some of the most malicious slander against Julian Assange for three years preceding his arrest, so any claim that this publisher may make to journalistic integrity is laughable only in the bitterest manner.

Clearly, then, it is not in defense of “millions of Russians” and their right to be informed about their government’s goings-on that the Guardian is spilling tears for Navalny. The Guardian has been permitted to plea on Navalny’s behalf, permitted by the same imperialists who persuaded it to defame Assange repeatedly until, at long last, the masses were too propagandized to care if Assange went to prison and the First Amendment was lost with him. Those imperialists are now actively encouraging, or instructing, affectations of indignation on Navalny’s behalf because such indignation benefits the American Empire in its glacial crusade against Russia while at the same time allowing the apathetic masses to indulge their mistaken sense of liberal virtue. The result is a grotesque display of bourgeois morality from which only the elites will benefit.

At the time of this writing, Navalny has allegedly been transported to a hospital and diagnosed with vitamin deficiency. Such a deficiency is to be expected in a man who, according to his own publicists’ reports, has been refusing food for the better part of the past three weeks in an attempt to “draw attention” to his situation. As we have explained several times before, there is no need for such a reckless “draw”, as the establishment media has been more than willing to report every one of Navalny’s statements, regardless of how questionable or baseless, and to assume the veracity of the most fantastical elements of his narrative of martyrdom. However, even if he were to go without the support of the most powerful propaganda apparatus in human history, how is it the fault of the Russian government that he has been refusing to eat? NBC News recently reported, with all of the requisite horror, that the prison administration is considering force-feeding him—thereby proving that quite literally nothing can be done in this case that cannot be distorted to demonize the Kremlin.

Conversely, the media presents an image of an impotent and enfeebled Kremlin that cannot resist Navalny’s awesome moral force. The aforementioned op-ed appearing in the Guardian—written by one of Navalny’s employees—alleges that he is the one man on the planet Earth with the power to defeat the Putin Administration, whatever that means. This employee declares that “it is our responsibility to give each other a chance of a world without Vladimir Putin”, a statement that is similarly nebulous and puzzling. Such a world can be realized, it seems, if Navalny is permitted to continue producing propaganda films that are critical of Putin, although no one has explained how, exactly, these films will result in Putin leaving office.

This dreamy depiction of the situation in Russia is meant to reinforce the childish western myth that a journalist with a strong conscience can single-handedly dismantle corrupt institutions—a myth that the American Empire is actively attempting to discredit with its own prosecution of Assange. At some point, these conflicting and incompatible messages will produce a population that is truly incapable of thinking for itself, driven to madness by the relentless insanity of the media that defines modern culture. Such a population will have long since forgotten about Navalny, and that will redound to the Empire’s benefit, too.

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