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overwritten (adjective)

  1. Having been written over, obscured, or erased by coding or text.
  2. Of a piece of writing, written excessively; involving more writing than is wanted or desired.

Overwritten.org lives up to its name: that which has been written over shall return, and it shall be overwritten. Delivering uncompromised analysis of politics, culture, media, literature, and art, the lonely intellectual will find his, or her, refuge in the Overwritten. Here, the cursed conscious will find none of the fashion in party affiliation, none of the glamour in socially acceptable solutions, none of the comfort in ideological timidity, and none of the peace of living without pain. The past, it is gone; the present, it is dying—so read about it now, before it’s overwritten.

Overwritten.org was founded by Dack Rouleau, a graduate of the University of New Hampshire-Manchester. He has previously written for The Citizen of Laconia, a newspaper which, too, has since been overwritten. He is always interested in learning more about the views of his brothers and sisters among the Underwriters, so if you have something to say, feel free to contact him at amongtheunderwriters@gmail.com

You can also follow him on Twitter @DackRouleau

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